Art on the Vine

Art on the Vine is currently on hiatus.  The monthly art gallery hosted by Mari’s Wine Bar has ended, due to the closing of the wine bar in January 2013.

From August 2011 through December 2012, a team from the Downey Arts Coalition created a reliable place to engage with the visual arts in Downey, which provided exposure to local artists, both from Downey, Southern California, and even outside the US.

The producing and curating team is Don Lamkin, Pat Gil, Carolina Del Toro and Jorge Del Toro.

To find out about future arts event and to submit your work to be considered, email .

Past Shows:

December 1, Colin Clark, Polaris Castillo, Brian Temporary

November 3, William Rademaker, Lissette De La Trinidad, Marita Nylen

October 6, “From Our Eyes to Yours” Black & White Photography featuring J Arthur Morris.

September 8, Sergio Vasquez and Jose Lopes (art on display through Oct 3rd)

August 4th, One-Year Anniversary Show featuring all the artists below.

July 14th: Manuel Barillas & Asha Kamali (music by LA City College music students)

June 2nd: Michael Temple, Robert Thome (music by James Harman)

May 5th: Mike Ferguson, Roberto Munguia, Jamie Rowland

August 2011: Don Lamkin, Claudia Hernandez, Carolina Del Toro, Jorge Del Toro

September 2011: Rocio Gonzales, Carlos Durazo

October 2011: Roy Anthony Shabla

November 2011: Eduardo Aguilar, Gennie Prochazka

December 2011: Hector Silva

January 7th: Ricky Ostendi and Monica Pucciarelli

February 4th: Alina Wilson and Maritza Molina

March 3rd: Steve Clay

April 7th: Isabelle Looper & Laura Sanchez


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