Columbia Memorial Space Center



Chalk Rep Theatre

6 short plays by 6 playwrights performed on-site at the space center in Downey where all of the Apollo spacecraft were designed and built.

July 17, 19 – 20, 2019

Seventeen Seconds of Fuel Remained



Come to our preview on Wednesday, July 17 at 8pm to see the plays back to back. FREE! RSVP Here.

JULY 19 – 20

Visit the Space Center on Friday, July 19 & Saturday, July 20 in the afternoon to checkout the exhibits and catch the plays. Admission is FREE. More information about the activities at the Space Center HERE.

This event is great for families and space-fans alike. More information on the plays BY CLICKING HERE.

Apollo 11: The Goddard Connection

The history of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s involvement in the Apollo 11 Mission to the Moon is recounted. Goddard maintained the Manned Space Flight Network, composed of ground tracking stations, and tracking stations aboard ships and airplanes, which maintained communications between the orbiter and Earth.

Credits: NASA
Credits: NASA


NASA will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 Moon mission and look to the future of exploration on the Moon and Mars with a live, two-hour television broadcast Friday, July 19, and partner-led events taking place across the country from July 16 through July 20.

On July 16, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins lifted off from Launch Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on a journey to the Moon and into history. Four days later, while Collins orbited the Moon in the command module, Armstrong and Aldrin landed Apollo 11’s lunar module, Eagle, on the Moon’s Sea of Tranquility, becoming the first humans to set foot on the lunar surface.

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