Art on the Vine, April 7th, presents Isabelle Looper and Laura Sanchez

This Saturday is the next “Art on the Vine” at Mari’s Wine Bar, 8222 Firestone Blvd across from Porto’s Bakery.  The event starts at 7PM and features two passionate local artists, Isabelle Looper and Laura Sanchez.  It should be a great night for community, culture, and conversation.

Isabelle Looper  is a fashion designer who’s worked in the Los Angeles fashion industry for many years. Creating designer jeans, and designing  for small but prestigious labels who boast a long list of celebrity clientele, such as Halle Berry, Brittany Spears, and Megan Fox to name a few.  Designing clothes has always been a dream of hers.  From the day she received her first Barbie doll at age 5, she’s been sketching, and sewing creations from her whimsical imagination.  The fashion industry has demanded much of her time, and after being artistically dormant for 15 years, she has found a renewed passion to sketch and paint again.  Her style is based more on fashion “croquis”  illustration.  Most  famous fashion houses from Versace, to Chanel create sketches to present before each collection is made.  Each sketch is not necessarily for a collection, but is a communication or a feeling , that has been illustrated on an exaggerated figure that if you look close enough will tell you a story.

Laura Teresita Sanchez was born in Mexicali, Baja California, grew up in Los Angeles and carries her Mexican traditions in her soul.  To forget the torment of childhood and to shift painful memories, she uses art as a form of therapy.  As a self-taught artist who recently discovered a passion for painting women warriors using acrylic and watercolor, she conquers her emotions and creates a new vision of a guerrera.  In a culture that demands women to do for others, first and always, women often forget to love themselves. Through her work, she claims a new identity of self-love and empowerment.  Una Revolución Llamada Mujer  tells the story of a cure for generational curses; to no longer take orders or keep our hearts hostage.

Please come out and support the Downey Arts Coalition to bring more of the arts to our great city.

By Downey Arts Coalition

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