Poetry Matters presents Roy Anthony Shabla March 19

It’s poetry March Madness, Poetry Matters features poet/artist Roy Anthony Shabla, who is the curator of The Green Salon, and at the end of the month the Green Salon will feature Lorine Parks, curator of Poetry Matters.

Here, sans capitalization, is the announcement for Poetry Matters:

poetry matters
downey arts coalition
stay gallery

are proud to present the poetry of

Roy Anthony Shabla at "Art on the Vine"
Roy Anthony Shabla at “Art on the Vine”

roy anthony shabla

with the music of

joshua woodcarver
gabriel armenta

and the film work of

andrew wahlquist and celina armenta

thursday, march 19, 7:30 pm
11140 downey avenue 90241

roy anthony shabla is an accomplished poet and painter.
he is director of collections for downey museum of art
and hosts a monthly arts gathering, the green salon (join on facebook).
the green salon is free for everyone.

shabla is the author of ten books of poetry and three books of prose.
several received critical acclaim (see royanthonyshabla.com).

his art, poetry, sound art, film, and performance have appeared in
los angeles, portland, new york, paris, london, madrid, leningrad, beijing
and many more places… yet he remains downey’s favorite son.

joshua woodcarver (josue quiquivix and andrew ariza) and gabriel armenta
are local musicians who regularly collaborate and tour with several bands.
josue quiquivix teaches at california guitar academy in downey.

andrew wahlquist is a filmmaker and co-founder of downey arts coalition.

celina armenta is a graphic artist who regularly collaborates with shabla.

poetry matters is a monthly literary gathering hosted by poet, lorine parks.
there is no admission fee and all are welcome.

for more information, join downey arts coalition on facebook.

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By Downey Arts Coalition

Downey Arts Coalition is a movement of several people, however this website is currently managed and updated by Andrew J Wahlquist.

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