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    Metallic Reflections Exhibit at the Downey Symphony Concert April 7

    April 4th, 2018




    SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 2018

    DOWNEY – The Downey Symphonic Society, once again in collaboration with the Downey Arts Coalition, concludes the 2017 – 2018 Concert Series of the Downey Symphony Orchestra at the Downey Theatre by presenting an evening filled with classical music and and art exhibit with the theme “Metallic Reflections.”

    Music Director Sharon Lavery has another delightful evening of music planned to conclude the 59th season of the Downey Symphony Orchestra. “This concert is entitled “Russian Spectacular” and has some spectacular Russian flair: Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 and Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2. You won’t want to miss the return of international piano sensation Kevin Fitz-Patrick as he dazzles you with his exquisite and vibrant playing. As we do every year for our spring concert, the program will open with a piece conducted by our Baton Auction Winner. This year’s lucky recipient is Josh Beall and we look forward to watcing him shine as he conducts Slavonic Dance No. 1 by Dvorak.” After intermission at this concert, there will be the “Baton Auction” held to raise funds to support the Downey Symphony Orchestra and give the lucky winner the opportunity to lead the stage full of professional musicians in April of 2019.

    All of the above activity will take place within the auditorium of the Downey Theatre beginning at 8:00 PM. However, the doors to the Downey Theatre lobby will open at 6:30 PM for the Downey Arts Coalition ‘s art exhibit entitled “Metallic Reflections” overseen by Pat Gil a member of the Board of Directors of the Downey Symphonic Society and the president of the Downey Arts Coalition.

    Pat Gil explained, “DAC (Downey Arts Coalition) is very excited about this new exhibit; we’ve been wanting to do this for a while. Who does not enjoy the beauty of gold, silver, and bronze especially in art? We are very impressed by many of the art pieces in this exhibit, many of our returning artists have stepped it up, and we have some new talented artists exhibiting also.

    Artist Ricky Ostendi

    Our featured artist this month is Rick Ostendi. He is a Downey native who enjoys painting, sculpting, and his favorite of all – drawing. Inspired by cartoons like Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry, Ricky thought to himself, “This is something I need to do.” He started at Griffiths Middle School and while teachers taught him of pharaohs and pyramids, Ricky would draw them rather than take conventional notes. He felt that art opened his mind and freed him to be as creative as he wanted. Today, you can find Ricky’s work in a number of restaurants, bars, and galleries. His original urban style art is easy to spot and even easier to enjoy. If you have a pen and blank paper, you can bet Ricky will create something that everyone in the world can appreciate. Ricky will be showcased in the outside courtyard/patio of the Downey Theatre during the event, displaying his work while he creates a new piece of art right before your very eyes!

    We welcome some new talented artists, like Susan Hawkins with her bronze and mixed media sculptures Double Helix, Double Helix 2, and 3 Figures. All three submissions depict different human figures that give a sense of movement almost as if they are dancing.  Each movement of the three pieces draws the viewers in, as if they are a drama that is nearing the climax.

    Erika Reynosa with her piece Submarine Window – an acrylic that incorporates metallic paints giving the viewer the appearance of looking out from a submarine. To achieve this the artist not only paints the darkness of the water as one dives deeper into it, but uses the metallic paint on the frame itself to give it the appearance of the ship’s hull allowing the viewer to become part of the art work. Other new artists include Andrew Ruano, Katayoon Alavin, Maxwell Coppla, Jasmine Hernandez, Charina Tanaka, Paula Prager and the exhibition curator Andrew Hernandez.

    Artist Wendy Hernandez

    We are very happy to see many of our favorite artists returning: Amelie Simmons with her piece Liquid Metal – a mixed media art work depicting an electric guitar that uses her “touch me” art style while incorporating metallic paints. This gives the overall composition vivid colors and motion as if the instrument is in the process of being played. Also, Wendy Hernandez with her piece Leap – an assemblage of art pieces that are made using various metal objects including gears, bike chains and bearings that take the appearance of frogs on lily pads. The piece adds a unique elegance to the overall composition using objects others would often be thrown away or seen as spare parts.  And popular returning artist Lindsay Yost with her ceramic mosaic piece He Is Hers which incorporates her ceramic art style to create a boat anchor in the middle of blue tiles that make the anchor appear as if it is floating amongst blue water. As with her previous art work, it is both beautiful and has a sense of tranquility. Other returning artists include Jorge Del Toro, Carolina Estrada- Del Toro, Aia White-Podue, Isabel Acosta, Linda Ikeda, Lisa Maffia-Reynoso, Stephanie Snee, and Katie McGuire.

    The Downey Theatre lobby doors open at 6:30 PM on Saturday night, April 7th. A pre-concert “talk” about the music being performed is given from the stage by Music Director/Conductor Sharon Lavery at 7:15 PM. The concert begins at 8:00 PM. Tickets are still available at the Downey Theatre Box Office, 8435 Firestone Blvd., open 11 AM to 5 PM Tuesday – Friday and one hour before the concert on Saturday. You may order tickets by telephone at (562) 861-8211 or online at

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    A brief chat with curator Andrew Hernandez

    April 2nd, 2018

    Andrew Hernandez, Curator of “METALLIC REFLECTIONS” Downey Symphony pre-concert Exhibit

    Three years ago Andrew received his a B.A. in Art History from California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). He first began painting during his  senior year of high school at Verbum Dei High School in  Watts, CA. Andrew volunteering with DAC (Downey Arts  Coalition) during his senior year at CSUDH. Since, Andrew begun serving as curator and assist-curated the Downey Symphony Art Shows for the past three years.


    DAC:  Could you tell us about the METALLIC REFLECTIONS exhibit and what it represents?

    A.H.: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, among other metals, have adorned objects through-out the centuries.  Using metallic material, artists have been able to make amazing and beautiful art works fit for royalty. We are often drawn to these pieces; they are treasures to be shared.  For our METALLIC REFLECTIONS exhibit we looked for art pieces that have any form of metallic expression incorporated into it. This includes making art pieces from metal objects in any form, using metallic colors including metallic paints, creating a metallic appearance in the piece.


    By Wendy HernandezDAC: When you look all these artists and their art work, what can you say collectively about all these exhibiting artists?

    AH: Collectively these artists are some of the most talented and interesting artists that I have had the pleasure to work with. The art pieces that they display shows both their talent and love for the art that they create.

    DAC: Why were these artists were chosen over others?

    A.H: These artists were selected because their pieces truly exemplified the theme for our show and the way they use their selected mediums to display this theme is both unique and beautiful.

    By Erika ReynosaDAC: What can we expect to see in regards to the art that is going to be exhibited?

    A.H: In regards to the submitted art pieces for this show viewers should expect to see a unique elegance especially in the materials that artists use to create their pieces while the individual may seem rude and unusual when put together can make a masterpiece. The viewer can expect the art to draw them into it and hope to have some lasting effect on them after they see and walk away from it.  There is expected to be approximately 28 pieces that will be displayed for this show.

    Metallic Reflections will be on display at the Downey Theatre on April 7, beginning 6:30 pm during the Downey Symphony concert Russian Spectacular. For entrance purchase tickets to the concert by visiting the Downey Theatre box office.


    Artists For Metallic Reflections


    Aia White-Podue – Returning Artist

    Katie McGuire – Returning Artist

    Lisa Maffia-Reynoso – Returning Artist

    Stephanie Snee – Returning Artist

    Wendy Hernandez – Returning Artist

    Erika Reynosa

    Susan Hawkins

    Lindsay Yost – Returning Artist

    Isabel Acosta – Returning Artist

    Andrew Hernandez

    Paula Prager

    Charina Tanaka

    Kristan Haitz

    Andrew Ruano

    Linda Ikeda – Returning Artist

    Amelie Simmons – Returning Artist

    Carolina Estrada-Del Toro – Returning Artist

    Jorge Del Toro – Returning Artist

    Maxwell Coppala

    Ricky Ostendi – Returning Artist/ Featured Artist

    Katayoon Alavin

    Paul Montelongo

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    Call to Artists: Metallic Reflections

    March 29th, 2018

    A new call to artists for the next Downey Arts Coalition show at the Downey Theatre, “Metallic Reflections” on Saturday April 7th. Deadline to submit is March 25th, email your submission to .


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    Recap: Live Love Art Winter 2018

    February 25th, 2018

    Downey Arts Coalition presented its first event of 2018, with a new series of events celebrating local art & culture: “Live Love Art,” on Sunday February 25th at The Epic Lounge.

    DAC President Pat Gil conceived of the events, four seasonal celebrations of artists doing great work in our city and nearby. In the winter edition, three artists were featured: Amelie Simmons, Erika Reynosa and Chris Param. Live music was provided by the El Dorado Collective and When Pigs Fly. The main event was the premiere screening of a new short film by writer/director Paul Tully, “Crossroads.” Tully was also able to introduce his father, Paul Tully Sr., who is promoting a new book of his dramatic life story in New York, “Born a Gangster.” After the screening, the cast and crew were invited to the stage to share their stories as well.

    Stay tuned for the next “Live Love Art” event coming this May, featuring a short film by Polaris Castillo, “El Luchador,” and more artists to be announced. Join our mailing list to stay informed.

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    Live Love Art – Downey Arts Coalition Event Feb 25th

    February 13th, 2018

    This is the first of the LIVE LOVE ART events, they will come each season, this is our Winter 2018 edition, on February 25th at The Epic Lounge in Downey.

    Come celebrate the local arts with Downey Arts Coalition. Meet the new DAC team, and learn about all the exciting things happening in the Downey art community, all while you experience this art celebration of music, film, visual arts, and the written word.

    2pm – Doors open – Art exhitbit

    3pm – Showtime – Paul Tully Sr, Author of “Born a Gangster”

    3:30ish – Special Viewing of “Crossroads” by Paul Tully

    4ish -7pm – Live Music by Eldorado Collective and art show continues, with featured artiists: Wendy Hernandez, Erika Reynoza, and Amelie Simmons.

    There will be raffle and auction items, concession stand, and refreshments sold at the bar.

    Entrance Fee: Donation at the door.

    There will be opportunities for you to become a DAC member, for just $15 per person, or $20 for family, annual fee….ask us about it.

    More information about the featured artists will be released soon.

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    Call To Artists: The Masters

    December 1st, 2017

    Submit your artwork by January 6th, 2018 to be included in our next group show at The Downey Theatre, on January 20, 2018. The theme is “The Masters,” for art pieces that take inspiration from past artists, composers, authors, poets and scientists known to be masters in their field. Email your work to for consideration.


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    Downey Arts Coalition Year-End Membership Meeting

    December 1st, 2017

    We are a community group for artists and arts advocates who want to make a difference in our city for the arts. Join us for our year-end membership meeting, where we’ll celebrate what was accomplished in 2017 and share ideas and goals for the future. We will be electing a board of directors for 2018, so it’s important that our members attend. Bring a finger food to share, if you are able. Thank you!

    Saturday December 2nd, 12PM

    The Epic Lounge – 8239 2nd Street, Downey, CA 90241

    2018 Board Nominees:

    President: Pat Gil
    Vice President: Carolina Estrada-Del Toro
    Secretary: Andrew J Wahlquist
    Treasurer: Art Montoya
    Directors: Alida Fernandez Chacon
    David Devis
    Ben Dickow
    Rudy Iniguez
    Patrizia Monica Pucciarelli (Monique)

    2018 Nominating Committee: Patrizia Monica Pucciarelli, Alistair Hunter, Lana Joy

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    ‘Czech Please’ Downey Symphony Concert Oct 21

    October 10th, 2017

    The Downey Symphonic Society is pleased to present “Czech Please!” the fall concert for the Downey Symphony Orchestra, on Saturday October 21, 2017.  The evening begins with the opening of a new Downey Arts Coalition group art show, “Music: The Art of Sound,” doors opening at 6:30PM. A Pre-concert lecture with Music Director Sharon Lavery is at 7:15PM, followed by the concert at 8PM.  A special reception for subscribers will follow the concert.

    The music includes the Slavonic Dances Suite by Antonin Dvorak, as well as his Romance for Violin and Orchestra, and Symphony No. 8 Opus 88 in G Major. Violinist Carolyn Osborn is the featured soloist.

    Tickets are available now at the Downey Theatre box office, 8435 Firestone Blvd, Downey CA 90241, 562-861-8211.



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    GlennFest Film Festival Free Screenings Oct 1-7 2017

    October 1st, 2017

    GlennFest, a weeklong film festival that has been hosted in Downey since 2012, will take place from October 1 through October 7 this year, showcasing several films at the Epic Lounge (8239 2nd St. Downey) and Downey Civic Theatre (8435 Firestone Blvd, Downey)

    All Screenings are free. For more information visit

    October 1


    2 p.m., Epic Lounge

    Small, midsize and large Mexican maize producers want to stay free to work the land and cultivate their seeds in a modern world that both needs and despises them.


    4:30 p.m., Epic Lounge

    Jean-Marie Lustiger, a Polish Jew, maintained his cultural identity after converting to Roman Catholicism and joining the priesthood.


    6:30 p.m., Epic Lounge

    A quirky comedy about a woman quits her steady day job to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an actress in Hollywood.

    October 2


    6:30 p.m. Epic Lounge

    Underground drag racers try to organize Cuba’s first official car race since shortly after the revolution ended in 1959.

    October 3

    – SHORT FILMS BY FEMALE FILMMAKERS – presented by Women’s Director Alliance

    7 p.m. Epic Lounge

    Q & A hosted by Kate Rees Davies

    October 4


    6:30 Epic Lounge

    Power-hungry tax collector Don Salluste de Bazan (Louis De Funès) is banished from the Spanish Court and decides to use his valet, Blaze (Yves Montand), to take his revenge. In disguise, Blaze fills Don Salluste’s vacant position and plans to have an affair with the queen (Karin Schubert), which the vengeful ex-collector will then reveal to the king (Alberto de Mendoza). Instead, Blaze and the queen fall in love, and the valet uses his newfound power to help end mistreatment of the poor.

    October 6


    6:30 p.m. Downey Civic Theatre

    A 13-year-old student from Downey fights for the right to self-identify in school.

    – 4 DAYS – presented by Filipino Migrant Center

    8 p.m. Downey Civic Theatre

    Two college friends who slowly realize they mean more to each other than either had initially realized.


    9 p.m. Downey Civic Theatre

    Cuban musicians showcase the musical diversity of the country.

    October 7

    – MUNE: GUARDIAN OF THE MOON – Presented by SEIU 721 ADA Caucus

    10 a.m. Downey Civic Theatre

    When the evil ruler of the underworld steals the sun from Sohone, a small lunar faun and a girl made of wax help Sohone get the sun back to restore order to the universe.

    Kids & young adults with special needs screening

    -THE FANTASTIC FAMILY HOTEL – presented by United Netherlands Organization and the Netherlands American Society

    2 p.m. Downey Civic Theatre

    An adaptation of the bestselling book, The Fantastic Family Hotel tells the story of Kos, a thirteen-year-old boy, who is going through the most bizarre period in his life. His mother died a few years ago and his dad is having a heart attack. While Kos’ father is in the hospital, it looks like the hotel he is running will be a big mess. But Kos and his three sisters do not intend to let that happen. After the siblings find out that father is deep in financial problems, the hotel is threatened with closure. The children however come up with a solution: someone has to win the local beauty pageant, with a hefty cash prize attached.

    – SCORE – Presented by Downey Symphonic Society

    4 p.m. Downey Civic Theatre

    This celebratory documentary takes viewers inside the studios and recording sessions of Hollywood’s most influential composers to give a privileged look inside the musical challenges and creative secrecy of a truly international music genre: the film score.

    – I DREAM IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE – Presented by Downey Arts Coalition

    6:30 p.m. Downey Civic Theatre

    A linguist arrives in a small jungle settlement hoping to record a conversation between two elderly men, the last two remaining speakers of the Zikril language. Unfortunately for him, the men are feuding and haven’t spoken to each other in 50 years.

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    Call to Artists, Music: The Art of Sound Oct 21

    September 9th, 2017

    Downey Arts Coalition is once again sponsoring a group art show with the Downey Symphony Orchestra for their fall concert on October 21.  The theme is “Music: The Art of Sound.” We are seeking submissions for all medias and mixed medias, self-contained, all sizes.

    Selected artists will be featured in the Symphony concert program, with your contact information, and announced from the stage. The concert is a ticketed event, but participants may purchase discounted tickets to the performance.

    For consideration, submit your work to Andrew Hernandez at

    1. Jpeg of artwork
    2. Title, Medium and Size
    3. Short description, one sentence, of relation to theme.

    Submission deadline is October 7th, 2017.

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