Lorine Parks featured at Wine+Words Poetry

This Thursday night features DAC member and curator of the Wine+Words poetry series Lorine Parks reading from her new book of poetry Catalina Eddy.  The open mic begins at 8PM at Mari’s Wine Bar, 8222 Firestone Blvd in Downey.

“Lorine Parks’s Catalina Eddy is one of the most surprising and hilarious poetic romps I have ever read. Weather is “the Family business” of these meteorological guys and dolls, molls and mobsters, of whom Eddy is only one of a charming and somewhat disreputable array of nourish figures…Yet the elegant music of these poems and their shifting emotional “eddies’ remind us that there is as often as not a dark and somber (not silver lining) to these particular clouds.”

—David St. John


By Downey Arts Coalition

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