Photos from the Downey Street Faire

A special thanks to our dedicated booth workers and promoters… including Pat Gil (coordinator & dreamer), Don Lamkin (successful raffle peddler), Carolina Del Toro (photog in residence), Jorge Del Toro (sculptor in residence), Barbara Briley Beard (paper pusher), Marisa Gedney (postcard pusher), Rocio Gonzales (painter in residence), Ricky Ostendi (illustrator in residence), Hector Silva (and his eye-catching artwork), Bill & Sylvia Blush, Aimee Callegari, Forrest Hartl, Paul Tully, George Redfox, George Manzanilla, Lana Joy, our sons Peer and Leif, and anyone else that came to help or visit.

Also a privilege to associate with such talented artists and the Downey Museum of Art.  The local arts haven’t been featured like this in many years.

Here are some photos from the event:

By Downey Arts Coalition

Downey Arts Coalition is a movement of several people, however this website is currently managed and updated by Andrew J Wahlquist.

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