Poetry Workshop Wednesday Jan 22

Lorine Parks, curator of the Poetry Matters open mic and poetry series, is now presenting an evening of interactive discussion about the art of poetry, and will be helping a class of 8 students with their work. Participation is first come, first serve, but anyone is welcome to audit the class and listen in.

Parks describes the event as follows, “Come and join in the world-wide celebration of the Birthday of Robert Burns and see how a poor country boy made good in spite of having ESL problems. Starting with just one red rose, and using the poet’s tools of metaphor and hyperbole, we’ll see how he created the most famous simile in literature. Plus we’ll write a praise poem and as much more as time allows.”

Wednesday January 22, 7PM at Stay Gallery, 11140 Downey Ave, Downey, CA 90241. Sign-ups and inquiries at .

By Downey Arts Coalition

Downey Arts Coalition is a movement of several people, however this website is currently managed and updated by Andrew J Wahlquist.

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