Membership is one of the key ways that you can support the mission of Downey Arts Coalition. We are an open membership non-profit, guided by your ongoing support and influence. There are no requirements to become a member, though we encourage anyone with a heart for this community to find ways to get involved and volunteer.

  • $15 – Individuals
  • $20 – Couples or families
  • $25 – Businesses or organizations

Some membership benefits:

  • A strong membership base shows the city and grant-makers that we have active support in our community
  • Artists that are members form an identity in the community as they take part in multiple group shows*
  • Member artists can have the participation fee waived for one art show per year
  • Member organizations or project leaders can promote their work or event through our online channels
  • Members vote each year to elect the board of directors
  • Members can apply for material support or fiscal sponsorship for their project or event (DAC_Project_Application_Form)

Able to do more? Become a sustaining member at $100/year which will go toward funding the arts programs we sponsor throughout the year.

Thank you for your support!

One-Year Membership

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Renewing Membership

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The mission of the Downey Arts Coalition is to stimulate, develop, foster, encourage, and promote public interest in, and appreciation of the arts.


  • Create and promote opportunities for the community to experience the work of local artists, writers, directors, musicians and performers.
  • Foster a community of artists and creative people to learn from each other, collaborate on projects, and encourage one another to do our best work.
  • Provide a means for arts advocates and leaders of local arts organizations to discuss, share, and work together for the enhancement of the arts and culture in our city.

*participation in art shows is subject to curator approval, work can be submitted to .

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