“Penney’s From Heaven” – staged reading Dec. 8, 2012


Downey Arts Coalition and the Stay Gallery presents a world premiere staged reading of two new plays by Daniel Houston Davila, our local playwright and expert on the Carmelas barrio that was located in Norwalk, CA through the 60’s.  The DAC presented two other plays from the series “Borderland: The Carmelas Cycle of Barrio Plays.” back in May, with “La Vida Lucky (1971)” and “El Bobo Bruto.”  Alistair Hunter, founding DAC artist, directs the readings.

a one-act play by DANIEL HOUSTON DAVILA

Live Music Performance by THE BLACK PAGES

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Also presenting an early work-in-progress reading of

Part of “Borderland: The Carmelas Cycle of Barrio Plays,” set in historical Norwalk, CA, the rural outskirts of Los Angeles.

Cast: Leila Almas, Daniel Houston Davila, Claudia Duran, Linda Lopez, Mario Martinez, Marina Palmier, Jaime Zevallos.
Graphic Designer: William Rademaker

Penney’s From Heaven (1961) follows Nadia Valdez and her desperate hours waiting for her husband to come home whom she believes is gambling away their last hope for Christmas presents for the kids.

Price Tags (1966) finds Sammy Gallardo, a struggling freshman at Cerritos college caught in a dilemma: protect his hemophiliac friend Remi from recklessly damaging his fragile body on a roller coaster at the Pike, or allow him to enjoy his life even if there are consequences.

DAC presented Davila’s other plays in the cycle, La Vida Lucky, and El Bobo Bruto to a packed house at Granata’s this past May.

DAC works to bring plays by local writers here to audiences in Downey to experience a slice of their own community and celebrate our shared experiences.

By Downey Arts Coalition

Downey Arts Coalition is a movement of several people, however this website is currently managed and updated by Andrew J Wahlquist.

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