Poetry Matters contest winner: Peggy Dobreer – Oct 20

I’m Over the Moon!” says Peggy Dobreer.
Winner of first prize for best poem in Poetry Matters’s Contest
celebrating Downey’s aerospace connection, Peggy Dobreer
will read her entry at Stay Gallery, for Poetry Matters October 20.
Local poets are invited to come and read Downey-themed poems at the open microphone at 7:30.
Contest Finalists Beth Ruscio and Don Kingfisher Campbell will also read.

Dobreer will return to present the poem, “Astronomical Units of Flight,”
Saturday night at the Downey Theatre preceding the Downey Symphony Orchestra
Concert Saturday at the Downey Theatre, when Holst’s “The Planets” will be the featured musical selection.
The Contest was sponsored by the Downy Symphonic Society.



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