Peggy Dobreer joins Poetry Matters Feb 18

F00FPoetry Matters welcomes Peggy Dobreer to read from her book in the lake of your bones at Stay Gallery on February 18th. Peggy is an educator, poet, public speaker, and she was a Pushcart nominee for Best of the Small Press for Cadence Collective.

Dobreer’s poems come out of a life of art, dance, love, political involvement, travel, and “the cauldron of Los Angeles,” the poet Richard Garcia has said, “In their music you will hear the urban landscape, Spanish, and even ancient Sanskrit.  Come dance with Peggy Dobreer’s poems. You’ll be thankful that you did.”  Dobreer will perform her poems February 18 at Stay Gallery 11140 Downey Avenue, in downtown Downey, preceded by an open mike at 7:30 pm.

In The Lake of Your Bones is a poetry book that opens like a revelation. Peggy Dobreer blends memory, meditation, nature, sensuality, and takes us to the lucid territory between intuition and wisdom, between desire and surrender. Peggy is a member of The Hollywood Institute of Poetics, and Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center. She lives in Los Angeles with her daughter.

Poetry Matters is curated by Lorine Parks.

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