Nearly Naked Photography Exhibit at Stay Gallery April 4

Stay Gallery continues to bring provocative visual arts to its creative space on Downey Avenue, the latest a photography exhibit by Rita Labib, opening this Friday.


A Photography Exhibit by Rita Labib

Show runs: April 4th – 20th

Exhibition Opening: Friday, April 4th @7PM
Artist Bio
Rita Labib is a young artist with an old soul. At the age of fourteen, she saved enough money to buy her own DSLR by making and selling shirts, scarves and jewelry and that is when she says, “My life changed.” Since then, she has been shooting at every opportunity that arises, with a focus in high fashion and beauty. Her work has since then been shown in galleries and published online and in print. Rita’s other passions include traveling, cuddling with her pitbull, sculpting with clay and porcelain, and volunteering to raise awareness of poverty and disease around the world.  One day she hopes to have her own space where she can teach art classes and hold gallery professional events for young upcoming artists. “I’m constantly putting my skills to work,” she states, ” I don’t consider it a job because I absolutely love what I do and I enjoy every minute of it. I’m trying as best I can, to make the most of this life that i’ve been given.”

Artist Statement
NEARLY NAKED is a representation of the impact on our society’s perception of beauty from the multi-million dollar entertainment and advertising industry Rita say’s that this is something that always seems to be on her mind. Women are degraded in many forms and Hollywood has created an unhealthy standard of beauty that causes many young girls and women to have extremely low self- confidence. “That needs to be changed,” she states.  In her show, NEARLY NAKED, she will be exhibiting photographs and sculptures that challenge these norms and exemplify the beauty of a woman.


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