Artist Workshop at Golden Park June 25, 2013 – Mike Ferguson

DAC Artist Workshop presents Mike Ferguson at Golden Park on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 7:00 PM.

Golden Park,   8840 Golden Ave.,  Downey, CA  90242

Born and raised in Southern California, Mike is an emerging artist with a unique style and a love for the absurd that truly sets his work apart. His art is an expression of his imagination, which transports the viewer into a charming and fanciful world where anything is possible. Sometimes disturbing, often whimsical, his work has been known to elicit both deep thoughts and deep laughs (a fact which pleases him immensely).

With a talent that is unique yet reminiscent of the likes of Heinz Edelmann and Peter Max, Mike transports us to a land of angry suns and swirling winds, he takes us deep into the ocean to cavort with sea creatures, shows us mystic smoking totems and grinning devils, and introduces us to Tiny Robots who win our hearts with their charming personalities. The detail that goes into these fantasies is beyond description and a must-see.

A full-time Marketing Professional, Mike also plays the mandolin and the Appalachian dulcimer and enjoys working with fused and stained glass. He currently lives with his son Joseph and his dog Gunner in Downey, CA.

Participants will get a chance to participate in Mike’s “The Melvin Project” in which he provides the outline of his illustration and invites artists to style and color themselves.  His favorite will receive a special gift.

By Downey Arts Coalition

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