Music Preview for Symphony’s “Simple Pleasures”

Saturday night, January 26 at 8PM is the winter concert for the Downey Symphony Orchestra, “Simple Pleasures.”  Music director Sharon Lavery puts a lot of thought into her programs, and recruits exciting new soloists to experience, this one featuring the young trumpet prodigy, Conrad Jones.

If you haven’t done your musical research yet, perhaps we can help.  The names of symphonic works can often be hard to decode, but there is help out there.  YouTube is a good resource to preview a musical piece to get prepared for the live experience.  The more you listen, the more you are able to absorb all of the complex elements that go into a symphonic piece, improving the listening experience each time.

Here below is your musical tour, with links to read as you listen.  The pieces range across centuries of different musical movements.

Quiet City by Aaron Copeland: (Music for the 1939 play by Irwin Shaw) Listen on YouTube, Read about Copeland, About the composition

Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra by Johann Baptist Georg Neruda:  Listen on YouTube, Read about Neruda, What’s a Concerto?

Divertimento in D Major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:  Listen on YouTube, Read about Mozart, What is Divertimento?

Simple Symphony by Benjamin Britten: Listen on YouTube, Read about Britten, About the composition.

Tickets are available at the box office or online, visit to purchase.

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