Downey Arts Meeting Saturday Oct 29th 12PM

Hope you can make it to our next Downey Arts Coalition meeting at the Downey Civic Theatre, in the green room.  Enter through the office door right off the small street between the theatre and the library.  This Saturday October 29th at 12PM.

We start out each meeting re-capping the current news and events happening in the Downey arts scene, so come prepared to report if you were involved.  Next we’ll go through some of our potential projects to see what we can push forward.  The coalition is here to help inspire you to take action on some of the ideas you’re passionate about, and find support from others who are interested in the same things.

The main topic this month is considering what it would take to create a small venue theatrical space in Downey.   The Downey Civic Theatre has a sizable rehearsal room upstairs that will soon reopen after having asbestos abatement.  It’s a big empty room, but if you put on your vision goggles there could be a 90 seat theatre up there.  But it would basically have to be funded, furnished, and equiped from scratch.  Not to mention figuring out an operating model that balances all the needs of no-budget theatre production, city politics, and the realities of theatre management.  Then there’s the question of keeping that space busy with quality work and developing an audience for it.  All simple stuff.

If theatre isn’t your thing, come for the first part at least.  For those theatre folk that sat patiently through the visual arts discussions, this is a good meeting to hit up.

By Downey Arts Coalition

Downey Arts Coalition is a movement of several people, however this website is currently managed and updated by Andrew J Wahlquist.


  1. That “Big empty room upstairs” was once home to the Downey Marionette Theater. We had our large stage, and work room in that room. On performance weekends, we’d move the stage downstairs to the main theater, and perform there. I don’t remember it being big enough for 90 seats. And there would be very little room for dressing rooms, etc. isn’t there a freight elevator that goes up there too?

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