A brief chat with curator Andrew Hernandez

Andrew Hernandez, Curator of “METALLIC REFLECTIONS” Downey Symphony pre-concert Exhibit

Three years ago Andrew received his a B.A. in Art History from California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). He first began painting during his  senior year of high school at Verbum Dei High School in  Watts, CA. Andrew volunteering with DAC (Downey Arts  Coalition) during his senior year at CSUDH. Since, Andrew begun serving as curator and assist-curated the Downey Symphony Art Shows for the past three years.


DAC:  Could you tell us about the METALLIC REFLECTIONS exhibit and what it represents?

A.H.: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, among other metals, have adorned objects through-out the centuries.  Using metallic material, artists have been able to make amazing and beautiful art works fit for royalty. We are often drawn to these pieces; they are treasures to be shared.  For our METALLIC REFLECTIONS exhibit we looked for art pieces that have any form of metallic expression incorporated into it. This includes making art pieces from metal objects in any form, using metallic colors including metallic paints, creating a metallic appearance in the piece.


By Wendy HernandezDAC: When you look all these artists and their art work, what can you say collectively about all these exhibiting artists?

AH: Collectively these artists are some of the most talented and interesting artists that I have had the pleasure to work with. The art pieces that they display shows both their talent and love for the art that they create.

DAC: Why were these artists were chosen over others?

A.H: These artists were selected because their pieces truly exemplified the theme for our show and the way they use their selected mediums to display this theme is both unique and beautiful.

By Erika ReynosaDAC: What can we expect to see in regards to the art that is going to be exhibited?

A.H: In regards to the submitted art pieces for this show viewers should expect to see a unique elegance especially in the materials that artists use to create their pieces while the individual may seem rude and unusual when put together can make a masterpiece. The viewer can expect the art to draw them into it and hope to have some lasting effect on them after they see and walk away from it.  There is expected to be approximately 28 pieces that will be displayed for this show.

Metallic Reflections will be on display at the Downey Theatre on April 7, beginning 6:30 pm during the Downey Symphony concert Russian Spectacular. For entrance purchase tickets to the concert by visiting the Downey Theatre box office.


Artists For Metallic Reflections


Aia White-Podue – Returning Artist

Katie McGuire – Returning Artist

Lisa Maffia-Reynoso – Returning Artist

Stephanie Snee – Returning Artist

Wendy Hernandez – Returning Artist

Erika Reynosa

Susan Hawkins

Lindsay Yost – Returning Artist

Isabel Acosta – Returning Artist

Andrew Hernandez

Paula Prager

Charina Tanaka

Kristan Haitz

Andrew Ruano

Linda Ikeda – Returning Artist

Amelie Simmons – Returning Artist

Carolina Estrada-Del Toro – Returning Artist

Jorge Del Toro – Returning Artist

Maxwell Coppala

Ricky Ostendi – Returning Artist/ Featured Artist

Katayoon Alavin

Paul Montelongo

By Downey Arts Coalition

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