Gil Hagen-Hill Featured Poetry @ Stay Gallery Thursday

Change of Venue: Stay Gallery 11140 Downey Ave.

Gil Hagen-Hill was educated in southern California during the “placid” 1950’s  and “turbulent” 1960’s. He  received a B.A. in Theater Arts from C.S.U.L.A in 1973. Shortly  thereafter he became a member of  Scorpio Rising Theater founded by Alistair Hunter. From there to “The Burbage  Theater” ensemble housed  at the Century City Playhouse . . .some cable TV, a marriage, a beautiful  daughter, a divorce, another  marriage, a trip to Scandinavia, Ireland… He recently sold custom built  motorcycles, is now looking for a new incarnation.

Gil began writing poetry in high school and in college. In 1994 he began finding poetry more  important in his life – by 2000 his work had appeared in a number of poetry journals on the east coast  and mid -west.

He  has been published in Verses, Schuylkill Valley Art Journal and Rochester, New  York’s “Hazmat Literary Review.” On  the west coast he was proudly associated with Lummox Journal in its monthly  format as well working with  the Chief Lummox “Rain Dog” Armstrong on several projects including “Through a  Glass Darkly” and “Last Call.” He  has participated in writer’s work shops at Angels Gate Art Center.

His poetry is hard to classify – sometimes confessional sometimes surreal – but always  evocative.

New Location: Stay Gallery 11140 Downey Ave (& Firestone), Downey, CA 90241.  

Series curated by Lorine Parks,     Open mic at 7:30 PM

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