Electricidad runs through March 17th

DAC member Sylvia Blush presents a new production of “Electricidad” by Luis Alfaro, opening this Friday March 2nd at the Bilingual Foundation of the Arts in Lincoln Heights.

Using the East L.A. barrios as the backdrop for this adaptation of Electra, this modern twist on the Greek tragedy thrusts you into fits of laughter and catches your breath in moments of unimaginable sorrow. The king of the East Side Locos has been murdered and the House of Atridas is in chaos. A young chola enraged by her father’s murder is lost between her desire of revenge and her longing for redemption.

The cast includes Enzo Canepa, Rebecca Cherkoss, Sara Guerrero, Rachel Gonzalez, Jasmin Iraheta, Melissa Legaspi, Griselda Marquez, Elisa Noemi, and Tom Sandoval.  Playwright Luis Alfaro, who will hold a Q&A after the show on March 10th, gives voice to strong latina characters whose struggle to survive is more complex than the choices they make.

Visit their website for information about tickets: Click here.  The production runs through March 17th.

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