Urban Theatre Movement “Short Eyes” final weekend

The Urban Theatre Movement started in south-east LA County, with residents from the gateway cities that met in college with a passion for theatre.  Paul Tully, a Downey resident and co-founder of the theatre company, loves our city and sees the need to help bring more of the arts here locally.  They’ve moved quickly into the professional LA theatre scene.  Their latest project is “Short Eyes” the 1974 play that took the Public Theatre and then Broadway by storm with it’s gritty raw portrayal of prison life when confronted with a new inmate who molested a child.  The show plays at the Los Angeles Theatre Center Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings up through March 11th.  The show has been critically praised and a critic’s pick in the Los Angeles Times.

Read more about the production at their website: http://urbantheatremovement.com/

Like them on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/urbantheatremovement/

Check out the youtube video:

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