Art on the Vine with Alina Wilson & Maritza Molina

Saturday night, February 4th, opens the next “Art on the Vine” at Mari’s Wine Bar, 8222 Firestone Blvd, Downey, CA.  The opening reception begins at 7PM and continues until midnight, and the art work will be up all month for the public to view.

Art on the Vine is proud to present the work of Alina Wilson and Maritza Molina.  Both are local artists close to the community: Alina from Downey, and Maritza lives in South Gate.  Alina presents all new work, having previously shown successful pieces with the Downey Art Vibe at the Taste of Downey and Suburban Renaissance.  Maritza (Mares) Molina, who has shown her artwork around the LA art scene since 2006, will present a special themed show for Valentine’s Day.

Maritza’s bio from her website says her philosophy is “Art is a language, art is the self expression of our own soul talking, art is diverse just like every being, art can be so strong that it can move cities and country’s, it can change a person’s life.”

Alina comes from a diverse family background, she describes in her online bio, “Being raised by 3 parents with polar opposite walks of life instilled in me a natural inclination to see the positive and intense similarities among humans. I explore and focus on the likeness between all people and animals and their undeniable connection to nature.”

Come join us for a great night of community, conversation, art, and wine.  We will raffle off two original pieces by Maritza and Alina, tickets can be obtained with a $5 donation, and two people will go home with two framed pieces of original local artwork.

Then don’t forget that Sunday, Feb 5th is the “Contraptions” Art Show at Number 34 Barbershop, 9029 Florence Ave in Downey.  Click the link to read more about that unique event.

By Downey Arts Coalition

Downey Arts Coalition is a movement of several people, however this website is currently managed and updated by Andrew J Wahlquist.

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