Watch THE MAN IN THE SHADOWS – A short crime thriller by local filmmaking team

Local filmmaking team Sweet Nightmares is an innovative group of filmmakers dwelling in surreal environments where nothing is as it seems. With a rusty shovel, the team revels in digging into dreamlike lands & pulling ideas for films & music videos. They have dreamt psychological thrillers, psychedelic trips, romances, crime dramas & are now working on a deep sea nautical affair of misfortune.

They welcome you to Gotham City, a world cursed with suppliers of disorder. Sanity is on the line when street outcast Joe Chill becomes victim of the city’s crumbling descent into a nightmare of crime. Set in a textured, decaying metropolis where bad decisions rule the night, The Man in the Shadows is a film noir tale probing the life of one seemingly ordinary man and the worst decision of his life: murder.

This is their latest film, THE MAN IN THE SHADOWS.

Written + directed by Polaris Castillo
Starring Darren Gann, Gabriel Di Chiara, Chris Ingram, Tom Patrick, Susan Papa, Jesse Willhite, Art Aguayo, Phil Castro & Brandon Hillock.

A film by Sweet Nightmares
Produced by Marielle Membreno & Dan Marcus
Cinematography by Pascal Combes-Knoke
Music by Joelian Sanchez
Sound Design by Samantha Blanchard
Visual Effects by Antonio R. Lyons
Assistant Director Matt Landsman

Based in Gotham City with characters published by DC Comics.

This film is made purely from our love of cinema and Batman. Our wish is to present a fresh, original story for audiences to enjoy, Bat-fan or not. We believe Joe Chill deserves his own voice. In exploring Gotham City, we challenge ourselves as filmmakers. No profits have been made from this project. This film has been independently funded thanks to supporters, friends, and family. We hope you enjoy our tale, we welcome you to watch our other work. Sweet Nightmares loves you.


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