Life In Print exhibit at Mary Paxon Gallery Sept 24


The opening reception for a special poetry and art exhibit “Life in Print” will be held Saturday September 24th, 5 to 8PM at the Norwalk Cultural Art Center, Mary Paxon Gallery (3200 Clarkdale Ave, Norwalk, California 90650).

Hannah Matus and Alyssa Wynne will host their first group exhibit at the Mary Paxon Art Gallery from Tuesday, September 13, to Saturday, October 1. All are welcome to the reception, which will feature live music and merchandise available for purchase (cash only, please).

Hannah and Alyssa are collaborating to bring the world a show that is way past due. They aim to give a voice to those who have been hushed all their lives through Matus’s art and Wynne’s poetry. Together the duo will display approximately 50 screen printed pieces that will shine light on the dark moments in American history and culture, such as the social perspective on mental health/disability, white privilege/modeled minorities, women’s suffrage, and police brutality. “Life in Print” is best described by their official artist statement:

We are icebergs waiting to
pierce an approaching ship.
Our words and appearance
compile the 10 percent at
the surface–but the mass
that matters, the bulk of our
being, is hidden underwater.

This exhibition is the 90
percent. It’s a voice for the
unspoken words. It’s an
image for the unseen
details. We are icebergs,
and we have pierced the
approaching ship.

Visit the facebook event page, click here.

By Downey Arts Coalition

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