Lucid Moose Lit at Poetry Matters May 14

Lucid Moose Lit Web Flyer

LUCID MOOSE LIT To Feature at Stay Gallery

This edition of POETRY MATTERS – Thursday May 14th at Stay Gallery – will feature

Nancy Lynée Woo and Lucid Moose Lit. This exciting group of young poets will share personal and compelling poems of grit and struggle in America. Lucid Moose Lit is a socially conscious literary press publishing diverse voices in poetry, prose and art. Their goal is to inspire conversation, spark empathy and connect diverse readers through thought-provoking books and “zines” (small hand-made pamphlets.)

The founders, Nancy Lynée Woo and Sarah Thursday, are mainstays of the Long Beach poetry scene. Nancy is a 2015 PENN Center Emerging Voices Fellow, and Sarah is editor of, co-host of the 2nd Monday Poetry Party at Gatsby Books in Long Beach.

Their first anthology, “Gutters and Alleyways,” features over 80 of the most active poets and artists in the area. A second anthology, “Like a Girl: Perspectives on Feminine Identity,” will be released in the Fall.

Featured readers for this Thursday will include Nancy Lynée Woo, Raquel Reyes-Lopez, Elmast Kozloyan, and Downey’s own Trista Dominqu and Frank Kearns.

STAY Gallery

11140 Downey Ave
Downey 90240

Doors open at 7 p.m. and an open mike begins at 7:30.

Curated by Lorine Parks.

Poetry Matters is free and open to the public.


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