Lorine Parks to Debut New Book at Poetry Matters

Persons Publicity Image

At this month’s POETRY MATTERS,  the monthly poetry reading at STAY GALLERY, Lorine Parks will debut her new full-length collection of poetry, Persons of Interest. 

Parks is a prolific writer who finds subject material in daily events and news stories. Although she studied classical literature, her first published book, Catalina Eddy, was fanciful personification of the many manifestations of Southern California weather in the form of a mafia family. For her latest collection she draws on her classical roots, but also from her many years as a professional travel consultant, to explore fascinating individuals throughout history, and to weave a woman’s perspective to this expansive cross section of life.

“Wonderful, Parks weaves her signature extensions of metaphor and mystery, geography and myth” – RICK SMITH

“Persons of Interest is a fascinating, chilling and remarkably clear-eyed navigation along the tightrope world that we all must walk.” –FRANK KEARNS

“Among these poems we get, as part of the bargain, the wonderful “Old Woman”series. Women of all ages will empathize. Women writers of all ages will be jealous they hadn’t thought of it first. I know I am.” – SUZANNE LUMMIS

STAY GALLERY, 11410 Downey Avenue, Downey 90241

Doors open at 7:00, open mike at 7:30



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