Pieces of Her, a new theatre work at Stay Gallery June 28-29

“Pieces of Her” is a collaborative theater piece featuring an ensemble of women focusing on the female experience.  This debut project plays June 27 and 28th at Stay Gallery, 8PM.

Poetry, Spoken word, monologues, dance, movement, and music serve as storytelling instruments as we touch on everything from love, relationships, body image, sexuality, monumental life experiences and everything in between.

The piece was born out of Jesse Schiffmacher’s desire to combine her passion for women’s studies and the arts. She asked artists and writers of all genders to submit poetry, monologues, and music pieces that came out of their experiences as, or with, women.

“Pieces of Her” lives in the place where activism and art meet. It is a unique show that deals specifically with the female narrative. The goal is not only to entertain but to begin a dialogue. We ask the audience to be unafraid to explore topics that may seem controversial, trivial, or “over-discussed”.

The show is for anyone with an open heart and an open-mind. (Note: Some subject matter may not be suitable for young children)

Will run for two consecutive nights. Seating is limited. Visit Stay Gallery to purchase tickets ($10).

– Jesse Schiffmacher
– Amanda Petrocelly
– Krystin Bergamasco
– Chelsea Boyd
– Patricia Lopez
– Taryne Moyse

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