Stay Gallery presents artist from Downey’s Ireland Sister City

Stay Gallery is proud to welcome Anne Rigney from Roscommon, Ireland to show her work in her sister city, Downey. Her exhibition, ‘Moments in Time’, will open on April 25th at 7pm. Anne Rigney is an Irish artist, based in the rural midlands of Ireland. She is exhibiting here at the Stay Gallery, Downey, as a direct result of the recent twinning of Downey and Roscommon County. Anne has been exhibiting internationally since 1998, in Germany, Scotland, Poland and Boston, and has paintings in public and private collections across the world. She works in oils, acrylics and water colours, and her work is inspired by the ever changing colours of nature. As part of this exhibition, Anne is also having an installation of photographic prints, depicting her experience with the “empty nest syndrome”. Anne has two adult children, both of which have left home.

“The images that interest me most are things in transition, be it a decaying Autumn leaf or a reflection in a pool of water. Life is constantly changing and we are all part of this flux. With change we either adapt or suffer. The process of letting go can be painful but with change comes new beginnings. Everything is connected. Nothing exists alone. We are all part of the cosmos. One thing leads to another. It is like a stone rippling in a stream. I take something from nature and transform it into something else, something new, sometimes recognizable, sometimes not. Sometimes a painting has a life of its own and one just follows one colour after another. One is surprised with the final result. I Endeavour to bring a meditative quality to my work – entering a space which is bursting with energy and yet calm. The paradox of this quality I try to imbue in my work.” 

Opens: Friday, April 25th, 2014 @ 7p
Runs: April 25th – 30th


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