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    World Premiere of “To Dust” has reached its goal!

    November 16th, 2015

    A new composition for orchestra and multimedia by Bryan Curt Kostors to debut with the Downey Symphony Orchestra, January 23.

    To Dust combines live orchestral music, visual projections, film, photography and design. As the orchestra performs, the visual elements of the piece will be projected live in the Downey Civic Theatre. It tells the story of an important part of the California Water Wars: the draining of Owens Lake by the city of Los Angeles after the construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct in 1913. Where there was once a large, shallow lake that supported boating, ferries, birds, natural vegetation, and people, there now sits an expansive scar of dried dirt, dust, and salt.

    The Kickstarter funding campaign for a new musical multimedia project To Dust has surpassed its goal of $14,000. Donations will be accepted until November 18 at midnight if you would like to help bring to life this exciting project that will make its world premiere here in Downey with the Downey Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sharon Lavery.

    The money being raised will go to support the costs of filming on location in the Owens Valley and editing and finishing the multimedia presentation. For more information, visit the Kickstarter page by clicking here.

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    Dia de los Muertos artwork on display through November

    November 16th, 2015
    2015-11-01_223730292_DA050_iOSThe work curated by Carolina del Toro and installed for the 3rd Annual Dia de los Muertos Art Festival on November 1, will be displayed until the end of the month. Downey Civic Theatre hosts the exhibit in the upstairs balcony of the lobby. The work is available to view during theatre business hours and theatre events, including the Mixteco East LA performance on November 21 and 22.

    Prepare for the next show!

    Our next group exhibit at the Downey Theatre opens January 23 with the Downey Symphony Orchestra concert, Strings Stravaganza.  EJ Ball is curating the show, and can be reached at .  Deadline for submissions will be in early January, stay tuned for more information.

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    Downey Civic Theatre presents Mixteco East LA

    November 16th, 2015

    bfolkBallet Folklorico Mixteco Presents: 7o Festival Folklorico Sin Fronteras Groupo Folklorico Chinquina Palafox, directly from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, and 22 Performing groups. Tickets are $20.

    Saturday, Nov 21 – 1 pm, 7 pm
    Sunday, Nov 22 – 1 pm, 6 pm

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    Lummox presents fourth annual publication at Poetry Matters

    November 16th, 2015

    Lummox4CoverFor the fourth year in a row, Poetry Matters invites the public to Downey to celebrate Lummox’s annual anthology of the best in contemporary poetry. The editor and poet known as Raindog and his crew of poets will be reading at Stay Gallery on Thursday, Nov. 19. Featuring an attractive artwork cover, the 200 plus page Lummox #4 showcases poems, articles and interviews from across the country and around the world.

    If you have favorite poets from the small presses, chances are they’re in this book. Open microphone for local poets starts at 7:30 pm, after which Lummox #4 poets, many of them from Downey, will read their poems.

    Collectible Lummox-related merchandise will be available for sale.

    The event marks the beginning of the fifth year of poetry evenings in Downey for Poetry Matters, curated by Lorine Parks.

    Doors open at 7 pm

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