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    Help fund SEA MONSTERS – A short film by Sweet Nightmares

    March 2nd, 2015

    Local filmmaking team Sweet Nightmares have launched an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign and they need YOUR help in bringing their latest cinematic venture to the big screen. This time they are sailing into the treacherous deep seas of the Bermuda Triangle in search of the ultimate treasure: love. SEA MONSTERS marks the first time mixed-media artist Polaris Castillo & writer/director Matt Landsman join forces as co-directors. This is their final short film before taking on a full-length feature film in the near future.

    Donating to the project has you winning, too.

    There are various perks rewarded in return for anyone who supports the team. Some of the prizes include original concept art work, digital and hard copies of the film, and even a chance to be IN the film with a speaking role!

    Check out the campaign over at

    The team hails from all over Los Angeles. They’ve filmed in and around the areas of Downey, South Gate, Bellflower, Long Beach and in Los Angeles. They have also showcased their work before at The Epic Lounge on a number of occasions.

    To view more of their work as well as consistent updates on SEA MONTERS, visit

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    Watch THE MAN IN THE SHADOWS – A short crime thriller by local filmmaking team

    November 19th, 2014

    Local filmmaking team Sweet Nightmares is an innovative group of filmmakers dwelling in surreal environments where nothing is as it seems. With a rusty shovel, the team revels in digging into dreamlike lands & pulling ideas for films & music videos. They have dreamt psychological thrillers, psychedelic trips, romances, crime dramas & are now working on a deep sea nautical affair of misfortune.

    They welcome you to Gotham City, a world cursed with suppliers of disorder. Sanity is on the line when street outcast Joe Chill becomes victim of the city’s crumbling descent into a nightmare of crime. Set in a textured, decaying metropolis where bad decisions rule the night, The Man in the Shadows is a film noir tale probing the life of one seemingly ordinary man and the worst decision of his life: murder.

    This is their latest film, THE MAN IN THE SHADOWS.

    Written + directed by Polaris Castillo
    Starring Darren Gann, Gabriel Di Chiara, Chris Ingram, Tom Patrick, Susan Papa, Jesse Willhite, Art Aguayo, Phil Castro & Brandon Hillock.

    A film by Sweet Nightmares
    Produced by Marielle Membreno & Dan Marcus
    Cinematography by Pascal Combes-Knoke
    Music by Joelian Sanchez
    Sound Design by Samantha Blanchard
    Visual Effects by Antonio R. Lyons
    Assistant Director Matt Landsman

    Based in Gotham City with characters published by DC Comics.

    This film is made purely from our love of cinema and Batman. Our wish is to present a fresh, original story for audiences to enjoy, Bat-fan or not. We believe Joe Chill deserves his own voice. In exploring Gotham City, we challenge ourselves as filmmakers. No profits have been made from this project. This film has been independently funded thanks to supporters, friends, and family. We hope you enjoy our tale, we welcome you to watch our other work. Sweet Nightmares loves you.


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    An Evening of Short Films – July 20th at The Epic Lounge

    July 12th, 2014


    Los Angeles copy

    Falling Awake Productions and Sweet Nightmares are joining forces to present “An Evening of Short Films”, an event that combines filmmakers and films from Chicago, Illinois and Downey, California for an evening of spectacular entertainment.

    Beginning at 6pm and running to about 9pm at The Epic Lounge in Downey, California “An Evening of Short Films” includes the films of Polaris Castillo and Dan Marcus. Polaris Castillo had a similar event earlier this year featuring some great films that were filmed locally in the area. This event promises to be even bigger, bolder and more entertaining by featuring some of those films (“Loveland” and “Windmill”) as well as films that were shot and produced in Chicago, Illinois. Those films, from director Dan Marcus, include “Wake” and “Streamline”. “An Evening of Short Films” will feature the exclusive Los Angeles premiere of Dan Marcus’s science-fiction short film “Streamline”.

    “An Evening of Short Films” wants to celebrate the independent art community by featuring films that ordinarily wouldn’t be seen. With the film festival circuit always competitive and ever-changing, Polaris Castillo and Dan Marcus wish to bring a less formal and competitive nature to the way independent films are showcased. These filmmakers are joining forces to present an evening of films that everyone can watch and enjoy.

    There will be food, drinks and a Q&A session after the screenings. The event will also feature some exclusive, never-before-seen trailers for some exciting new films that were shot in Downey and Los Angeles that are set for release later this year. Please join us for an exciting evening of entertainment and fun while we celebrate these great films from some wonderful independent filmmakers.

    The event will take place at The Epic Lounge on Sunday July 20th from 6-9pm. 8239 2nd St, Downey, CA 90241

    The Films:

    STREAMLINE – A man haunted by traumatic memories must confront his past while eluding mysterious pursuers. Directed by Dan Marcus. Written by William Coffey, David Hammond & Dan Marcus.

    LOVELAND – When soul mates Blue and Violet arrive at an end to their magical romance, a mysterious team of construction workers rise to the occasion to rebuild their broken hearts. Written & directed by Polaris Castillo.

    WINDMILL – A narcotic recluse fears there is something vile outside his home. Directed by Polaris Castillo. Written by Matt Landsman.

    WAKE – The story of young Max who is faced with confronting the death of his mother, while his father, Albert, tries desperately to repair the broken relationship with his son. Directed by Dan Marcus. Written by David Hammond & Dan Marcus.

    Event page: |




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    Sweet Nightmares Presents: An Evening of Short Films

    December 27th, 2013



    Sweet Nightmares PresentsLocal filmmaking team Sweet Nightmares showcases their body of work created within the 2013 year in a special free screening event taking place at The Epic Lounge Sunday, January 26th starting at 6pm.

    The evening features a trio of short films spanning from dark, psychological territory to psycho-sexual thriller & whimsical romance. The innovative filmmakers mold various genres with a heavy hand in shoe-string budget creative craftsmanship.

    The films include WINDMILL, EFFUSION & their latest efforts, LOVELAND.

    Coming to you in conjunction with our monthly Movie Club, the event features props from the films, posters, merchandise, raffles, prizes & eye candy galore.

    Meet the team in person, interact with the cast members & experience succulent cinema.

    Check out the event page here.



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    Movie Club’s Thrill Chill – Halloween Edition – Sunday, October 20th

    October 14th, 2013

    Movie Club HalloweenWe are showing 3 short spooky films:

    WINDMILL by Polaris Castillo, our very own local film maker.
    DEAD MEMORIES  by Gene Aversa, local film maker fr: Whittier.
    AMELIA   from the 1975 cult cassic film TRILOGY OF TERROR.
    **In honor of the late Karen Black, who recently passed.

    Our feature film will be TRICK ‘R TREAT – A spooky film made in the spirit of Halloween.

    So come if you dare, and sit among zombies, ghouls, demons, and other creatures. Be sure to bring your camera, you don’t want to miss this.

    Like always, ther will be free popcorn, munchies, candy, fun movie facts, and chances to win free movies, and moive tickets.

    Many other Halloween surprises are in store.

    Windmill poster 5 diff logo trilogy of terror Screen Shot 2012-08-16 at 11.14.49 PM copy 2trick r treat

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